Kiev Major/Drafts

The aftermath of the Kiev Major has left many teams devastated as they’ve missed out on the $1,100,000 prize. All apart from now 4th time winners OG who once again have completely dominated the pro scene with outstanding drafts, insane comebacks and of course the wombo-combos.

Once again OG proved to be king of the Majors after a hard-path through the Main Event bracket with three difficult victories against highly experienced teams. They managed to hold back both Team Random and Team Faceless in a joint 2-1 overall score. OG then continued to face US’s Evil Geniuses in two long-winded battles ending in a 2-0 allowing OG to proceed into the Grand Finals to face Russia’s top team, Virtus Pro.

In the best-of-five decider, OG jumped ahead winning the first game 26-25. Virtus Pro managed to hold their own and win next two set of games making it 2-1. On the brink of elimination OG responded with a 20-11 victory, leading them into the fifth game of the Grand Finals.

Despite a towering lead by Virtus Pro, OG managed to fight their way back into the game during the 30-minute mark. OG soon took the lead and pushed themselves to victory, leaving Virtus Pro in the dirt and walking onto the main stage to receive their trophy. Now even though OG have multiple Major victories they now have their eyes on The International.

Prior to The International Valve have now unlocked the rosters allowing teams to drops players and bring on new ones. This dropping process ends on May 16th 12:00 a.m. PDT, teams will still be able to add new players till 24th May 12:00 a.m. PDT. As of this point the rosters will be locked and teams will not be able to change.

Now the Kiev Major is over we look forward to The International on Aug 7 – 12 in Seattle.

New Roster

Coach Sebastien “7ckngMad” Debs joined OG during 2015 after he slowly lost his prominence as an active player. He was keen to show his abilities as a coach and have been successful through the team’s results.

1st Position Anatham “Ana” Pham, wins his second Major event at the age of 17. “Ana’s” confidence has grown significantly in the mid lane, with him now being the player with the most MMR in the world. With Signature heroes ‘Ember Spirit’ and ‘Invoker’ it’s clear that “Ana” is a very skilled player and with many years to come, may possibly become the world greatest mid player.

Gustav “S4” Magnusson, famously known for his “puck” during TI3. Moved to OG in 2016 as a 3rd position offlaner. S4 has transitioned well into his new position, with his signature “Magnus” S4 has provided many entertaining plays, truly showing that he is still as skilled as his former “Alliance” self.

Super Support Jesse “Jerax” Vainikka showed his talent during his run at Team Liquid. However, Jerax decided to finalise his time at Liquid after coming runner-up in both Frankfurt and Manila Major. After moving to OG, Jerax has continued to express his skills on his signature hero “Earth Spirit” with over 500 played games and a win-rate of 75.5% he’s classed as one of the best supports.