Every life deserves a chance!
I Humans have been the dominate species on planet earth for thousands of years. Today, we have become savages who treat our fellow neighbours, the animals and plants who share this beautiful planet with us, with cruelty and torture.

Constant experiments are performed on animals everyday. Cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, monkeys and countless other species are caged up, bred to live only to suffer under testing for human’s benefit. The procedures that can occur in the laboratories that carry out animal testing are shocking and appalling, and can cause hair loss, rashes, permanent disfiguration and even death.


Thanks to PETA, after years of secrecy the University of Pittsburgh has finally been exposed for the crimes it has committed to thousands of different animals. It is estimated that $475 million of tax payer’s money was used to fund these experiments during 2016 alone.

Animals such as monkeys are kept in cramped cages and survive on a minimal diet. They are often kept alone, left to seek the affection of their torturers. Veterinarians deny their animals of any medical care, allowing them to become weak and injured. In so many cases, such neglect leads to death.




A doctor by the name of Sandeep Kathju, one of the leading surgeons at the university, is known for his work on orthopedic experiments with rabbits. During these experiments he cuts out and replaces the ligaments on the knees, before forcing the rabbits legs into unnatural positions.

This causes great stress for the animals who rapidly loose weight. The rabbits can be kept in these positions for up to 6 weeks, even after the procedure is finished. After this time they will be euthanized.


The new shape of the rabbit’s legs prevent normal movement, meaning many rabbits would lose their nails as their feet become swollen and stuck to the cages. This was apparently not anticipated by the doctors.



It is common nature these days for scientists breed deformed animals to get a better understanding of how they work. Rabbits are forced to give birth to their deformed babies which leave the mothers in a critical condition. Many of them die of unknown causes. Students at the University of Pittsburgh, where deformed breeding is one of the leading experiments on rabbits, only figured that the death of these poor rabbits could have been easily prevented with a sudden change of their diet.


Gregory Cooper is a leading doctor. He breeds animals to have malformed skulls structures. It has been noted that these experiments have not helped humans afflicted with similar conditions.


Not for entertainment


It is not only universities that cause harm to animals. There are thousands of Zoos and circuses that use animals as entertainment, forcing them into captivity, and often beating them with whips.

Animals are beaten into submission so they can learn to complete acts which their bodies were not made for. These acts include balancing on their heads and jumping through rings of fire, solely for human entertainment.


There a slight difference into the way animals are treated in zoos and circuses. Animals in zoos are more likely to dehydrate or to starve than those kept for scientific testing. There are thousands of zoos around the world that do not prioritise the health of the animals that they keep.

Circuses, meanwhile, use many different methods to get animals used to performing acts. Monkeys are kicked and beaten with sticks and poles, elephants are poked with electric rods and weapons known as bull hooks, which are used to hook into the elephant’s skin to control their moments. Large cats are kept with huge metal chains and thrown around while being hit with large metal sticks.

While scientific testing claims to benefit humanity by making sure that medicines and medical procedures are safe, there is always a horrific loss of animal life that must be suffered before any good comes of out of the experiments that animals mist endure. Sadly, no excuse can be made for circuses and zoos. They simply exist for human amusement.