250 Human skulls found buried in a Mexican burial site.

Mexico’s state Veracruz has recently embarked up on a huge mass grave of around 250 human skulls. They’ve been said to have been connected with the Mexican cartel and other drug cartels within the state. The prosecutor Jorge Winckler said that the burial pit had been there for years and was known as Clandestine burial pit.

Winckler mentioned in a television interview that “For many years, the drug cartels disappeared people and the authorities were complacent,” During the interview Winckler didn’t share the time the burial site was found and who actually found the site.

It’s said that burial sites are more common than people thought outside of Mexico. Victims of these tragic events ask authorities to excavate sites to see if they can find any loved ones that have gone missing.

Winckler said “I cannot imagine how many more people are illegally buried there,” after admitting that the excavation team still hasn’t search the entire area and that there may be more bodies hidden under the soil. The state still has a reported 2,400 people missing.

It is said that the Veracruz burial site is the biggest in Mexico, and could quite possibly be one of the biggest sites in the world.

Mexico has always had to deal with drug cartels which became a huge problem during the 1980’s. Lately the Zetas cartel had been ruling the land, but in 2011 a new generation of cartel known as Jalisco started a bloody turf war between both groups.

Over a period of 6-months a number of bodies have been identified, included in these where a former state prosecutor and his secretary who were both kidnapped by police officers working for the cartel.

Ms. Diaz stated “A reality that speaks of the collusion of authorities with organised crime in Veracruz, for it is impossible to see what we found without the participation of authorities,”