ISIS Militants dressed as doctors attacked a military hospital in Kabul leaving 30 dead and an estimated 50 injured and wounded.

The attack soon turned into a gun battle between security forces and Isis militants, and reportedly lasted up to 6 hours. The attack began with a suicide bombing near the rear of the hospital allowing all 3 of the gunmen time to enter the hospital without suspicion.

Officials have said that patients on the upper levels of the building could be seen climbing out the windows and hiding on the windows ledges for safety. Doctors, soldiers & patients where all murdered during the attack.

Afghan special forces turned up and the result was a “heavy shootout”. The three attackers are known to have used an automatic weapon known as the AK-47 and hand grenades.

After the 6-hour shootout came to an end, the 3 gunmen were reported dead.

A worker called Abdul Qadir noted that he saw one of the gunmen just before they began opening fire at him and his colleagues, killing a patient and a staff member at the hospital.

Later on that day, ISIS used a twitter account to take responsibility for the attack, however a Taliban spokesmen named Zabihullad Mujahid tweeted that it wasn’t the militant group’s responsibility.

The president of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani called the actions of the 3 gunmen “an attack on all Afghan people and all Afghan women” during his honor towards international women’s day.

The afghan forces have been struggling with both ISIS and the Taliban since NATO and America pulled out of the war in 2014 and eventually became advisors for Afghanistan.