Tense atmosphere between Iran and US after a miscommunication in the Strait of Hormuz.


The Iranian navy commander has said that the actions taken by the U.S in the Persian Gulf is very “unprofessional” and could cause consequences that are beyond repair. It was noted that a U.S vessel detoured near Iranian war ships in the strait of Hormuz.

On March 4th the Iranian navy began to worry about the USNS invincible after it was passing through the strait of Hormuz and unexpectedly turned off the international route and began to sail closer towards Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The USNS was accompanied by a small fleet of British ships helping it cross through the strait.

The Lieutenant  Commander Mahdi Hashemi, who is in command of the Zolfaqar battle flotilla, was stated saying “Such provocations can have irreversible consequences,”. This was later followed by the President Hassan Rouhani issuing a warning without actually stated the incident that had happened. He said “If Iran’s ignorant enemies think about invading Iran they should know that our armed forces are much stronger than 1980 when Iraq attacked,” On a live television broadcast.

U.S officials stated that it was the IRGC who came to close to the USNS invincible during its passage through the strait. Captain Jeff Daniels, Pentagon spokesmen said that this misjudging error could have caused accidental provocation between both countries. He was stated saying “We actually had seen quite an improvement in Iran’s behaviour until recently”.

In the past couple months, the U.S has stated that the IRGC have been with bad behaviour. In January a US destroyer was forced to fire 3 warnings shot at 4 fast-attack Iranian boats because of their refusal to slow down. Prior to that 2-3 months ago it was said that an Iranian attack both pointed its gun towards a US Navy helicopter during its travel through the strait.


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