Local Coventry Bishop Christopher Cocksworth apologises’s for mistakenly pressing the wrong button during a same-sex relationship vote.


Christopher Cocksworth it a Church of England bishop ever since his consecration on July 3rd 2008. During a vote on same-sex relationships bishop Cocksworth accidentally traded sides after clicking the wrong button on his electric handset during the vote with his controversial bishops. A crucial vote that needed everyone’s part to be official has suddenly taken the wrong turn.

The ending vote was 43-1 which raised suspicion as to who which bishop had broken the unanimity.

Bishop Cocksworth has said to have been very apologetic for this mishap. A very embarrassed Cocksworth said “Much to my embarrassment, however, I have managed to give the impression that there was not complete agreement in the House of Bishops that the report provided us with the best way forward.” After he is forced to apologies for his actions to the archbishop of Canterbury.

Traditional teaching on marriage has been upheld for almost 6 months after discussions was made after two years of in-closed groups within the C of E. It is noted that the rejection of the report has taken significant blow on the bishops.

We understand that there “very little care” when trying to change the beliefs of same-sex relations & and the union between a male and a female.

After the voting had finished Bishop of Willesden, Pete Broadbent said that the church hasn’t yet “coalesced around an end point” on the matter at hand. However, the House of Bishops has rumoured a meeting within the coming weeks.


(Christopher Cocksworth is seen in the photo, on the right).