Small Business, Big News 

What springs to mind when you read the word ‘entrepreneur’? What about ‘small business’? You think briefcase, shiny shoes, bank loans, and coffee. I’m willing to bet that you don’t picture a young man with a life changing disability, hoping to reach a global customer base with his start-up travel company. Yet Angus Drummond, founder and CEO of Limitless Travel, hopes to do just that. He is an entrepreneur with a difference – yes, he wants to make money, and yes, he drinks a lot of coffee. But along the way he also aspires to make a real change to the way that the travel industry caters for and responds to people with disabilities. And with his success at the Pitch at the Palace this week, it looks as though his dreams are on track to becoming a reality.limitless-travel

After being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of 22, Angus Drummond decided to quit his day job and travel the world with his partner while he was still able to. While away, he realised just how difficult travelling could be for someone with disabilities, and decided to do something about it. Fast forward 18 months, and Limitless Travel is a thriving local business with a focused vision – to make the world accessible to everyone. Having featured in the Huffington Post, the Times, and the Independent, and also on London Live (TV!), Limitless were already off to a strong start that has only been excelled by their recent win at the regional stage of Pitch at the Palace.

Pitch at the Palace is an annual event that is organised by the Duke of York. It gives entrepreneurs all over the UK a chance to gain some serious credibility and to make important connections in their respective industries. It also provides an enormous amount of exposure, as proved by the fact that Limitless Travel’s regional win was broadcast by both the BBC and ITV regional news. This win is a pivotal moment for Limitless Travel as a business, and there is much excitement about the next stages of Pitch at the Palace. Will Limitless Travel have the same success? Will they exceed all of their previous achievements? Will they one day do exactly what it is they set out to do and change the travel industry for good? We can only wait, and wish them every single success. For a small business with a big vision, this is game-changing stuff, and the future for Limitless Travel sure does look bright.